Mastering studio, I offer my services for the development of a final audio mastering (vinyl mastering etching or digital). Possibility of e-Mastering or to make an appointment in our office. All audio processing is done with analog & digital high-end hardware, to ensure maximum dynamics and presence.

- Mastering for Digital, CD, streaming, I Tunes, … optimization levels, EQ, stereo m / s, conformation, editing and publishing titles, Gracenote demand registration, export DDP, PQ code, UPC / EAN code, text CD, CD Red Book standard, ISRC code, dithering, fade in / out, special master creation I Tunes mp3 on request)

- Mastering by Stem Working from the tracks / separate groups
eg Kick, Bass, Drum, Rhythm, Synth, Guitars, Voices, FX, … up to 10 tracks

- Mastering Vinyl (premastering + cutting) EP or LP MB Mastering is one of the few studios in Europe to be equipped with a machine Neumann VMS 80, to make vinyl lacquer engraving, much better than the DMM engraving. All cutting are made in 24 bits, with specific audio processing for vinyl media, listening to live cutting in the studio, optimization and advice before the project. Ability to half-speed engraving for a exceptional definition.

- Audio restoration Scan / LPs / Dj’s Mix Recording / Denoising / Decrackling / Declicking / Editing Audio / Vinyl Transfer

Preferred format to work: 24 bits / 48000 khz

The studio is equipped with analog and digital professional equipment chosen and versatile. Digital files can be supplied either by USB or internet via my WeTransfer.
Artists and labels can attend the course scéance (by appointment). The studio is adjacent to Paris, 200 meters from the Metro station Porte de la Villette. Ability to listen to high volume on a unique and effective audio system. For information or quotation, please contact me.



Transfer Console

Maselec – MTC-1X (console mastering)


Klinger Favre – Studio30

Genelec – 8040

JBL – 4312


Prism Sound – ADA 8

Lavry Engineering – M DA 8 24


Manley Labs – Massive Passive (m/s analog EQ)

Neumann – W495 (stereo EQ)

Neumann – W492 (dual mono EQ)

Weiss – EQ1 (digital EQ)


Fairman – TMC (m/s analog compressor)

Maselec – MLA-3 (multiband compressor)

Maselec – MPL-2 (analog HF limiter)

Weiss – DS1 (digital compressor/deesser/limiter)

Waves – MaxxBCL (digital limiter)

Vinyl cutting

Neumann – VMS 80 / SAL74b / SX74 (the best cutting lathe ever made)

TC Electronic – D22 (delay)


Thermionic Culture – Culture Vulture Super 15 (distorsion effect)

Garrard 401 – SME série3 – Shure V15 (vinyl turntable)

TC Electronic – M6000 (Multiband Compression, EQ, Expanding, and Brickwall Limiting)

Rane XP2016a – MP2016a (mixer dj Rotary)

Technics – SL 1200 MK2 (vinyl turntables)

Allen & Heath – Xone VF1 (analog filter tube)

Z Sytems Audio Engineering – Z16-16r (digital audio crosspoint)

RTW – monitor (vumetre/peakmetre)

Monster, Cinod, Klinger Favre pro cables

APC Smart – UPS 3000 (onduleur/stabilisateur de courant)

Nespresso (for the coffee and tea)

Large, comfortable living room, open kitchen with bar, with WIFI access for guests, daylight.


Mastering for Digital
2 Track : 120 € ht (minimum 2 tracks)
Mastering from Stem: 100 € ht / track
Audio restoration – Transfer Vinyl: 90 € ht / hour
Dj’s Mix Recording: 100 € ht / hour
Gracenote service: 40 € ht
DDP creation for pressing: 60 € ht
Creating special master mp3 I Tunes: 20 € ht
Master CD for listening and validation: free
(20% VAT)

Mastering / cutting Vinyl

12 inch 260 € ht (A + B)
12 inch Half Speed 500 € ht (A + B)
10 inch 240 € ht (A + B)
7 inch 200 € ht (A + B)
Transport lacquers to pressing plant in Europe: 15 € ht
Safety copy / EQ vinyl : 50 € ht
(20% VAT)

It is with pleasure that the MB Mastering Studio hosts artists, major and independent labels. Your music will be optimized to be implemented on all to listen and different media systems.


Discogs MB Mastering

John Jastszebski, Apollonia Rec, Latency Rec, Joey Anderson, DJ Qu, Ben Klock, Construct Reform Rec, Franck Roger, Syncrophone labels, Biomix Rec, Yoav B, Zadig, S3A, Antinote Rec, Djebali Rec, K-Alexi, DKO Rec, Fred Berthet, Chris Carrier, Skylax Rec, Topplers, Paul Ritch, Concrete Rec, Theo Parrish, Seuil, Dj Wild, Macadam Mambo, Rick Wade, Mood II Swing, Hold Youth Rec, Baby Ford, Half Baked Rec, Seth Troxler, Phil Weeks, Rue de Plaisance Rec, Sharivari Rec, Boo Wiliams, Chez Damier, Technorama Rec, D’julz, Circus Compagny Rec, Jerome Sydenham, Dyed Soundorom, Arnaud Le Texier, Bass Culture Rec, Meant rec, Imhotep, Bosconi Rec, Masomenos, Eklo Rec, Dop, Scan X, Kenny Larkin, Varoslav, Carl Craig, Aux 88, Visionquest,  Magda, La Dame Noir rec, Cadenza Lab Rec, Born Bad Shop, Dominique Perrier, Cinema pour Adulte, Chloé, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Koudlam, Professor Inc, JC Satan, Karat Rec, Dosem, Laurent Garnier, Supplement Facts Rec, Guillaume & the Coutu Dumont, Trax Magazine, Pan European Rec, Catholic Spray, Chinese Man,The Cavaliers, Bérurier Noir, Stephane Pompougnac, Decabaret Rec, Judah Warsky, Yussuf Jerusalem, Salon Rec, Orchestre Philarmonique de Monte Carlo, Sino Rec, Télépopmusic, Technorient, Johny Fiasco, Bruno Pronsato, Arun Tazieff, Le Spark, Zaz, Sauvage Rec, Tom Ellis, Aaron Carl, Panam Rec, T Love,  Swayzak, Morgan Fisher, Quantec, Pablo Moses, Kill for Total Peace, Logistic Rec, Jeremy De Koste, Remain, Kiosk Rec, Franz is Dead, Pschent Rec, Cyber Production, Telegraph Rec, Charivari Rec, Minority Music Rec, Space Factory Rec, Modelism Rec, Portable, P&D Rec, Okain, Alex Dee, Skat, Jérome Pacman, Wax Tailor, Livication Corner, Les disques Steak, Tutut rec, ZA, Institubes Rec, Fluofluides Rec, Uzuri Rec, Antoine Clamaran, Stefan Goldmann, Rejected Rec, Djinxx, David Duriez, Chateau Flight, Scratch Massive, Brett Longman, Beatsqueeze, Night Vision Rec, Mark August, Subotic, Pacou, Paul Nazca, Vinyl Graber, Missive Music Rec, 2000 and One, Stefan Manceau, Dan Curtin, Robotronic, Dj Yellow, Skryptöm Rec, Mark Broom, Subject Detroit Rec, Dj Trouble, Rennie Foster, Dj Netik, Joris Voorn, Edwin Oosterwal, Technasia Rec, Pig&Dan, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Samuel L Session, Ultrasuani Rec,, Pedro Bucarelli, Sandy Vee, Mogdax, Lulu Hughes, Diess Prod Rec, High Tones, Jarring Effects Rec, Maria Callas, Freak n Chic Rec, La Souris Déglinguée, Julien Jeweil, Martin Skogewall, Richard Grey, Ritzi Lee, Vibrez! Music Rec, John Thomas, The Advent, Hokus Pokus, Patates Rec, 4 Lux Rec, Kombination Research, Kifsa Rec, Poussez Music Rec, ….

Listening to you, I offer the best conditions to complete your projects.
That certainly makes my reputation and loyalty of many artists and labels from France and elsewhere.


After submitting a quote (minimum 2 tracks), please send me your audios with WETRANSFER Accepted file: 16 bits, 24 bits, 32 bits – 44100, 48000 or more The masters are sent once the payment done. Concerning vinyl cutting, I need the “tracklisting” (A1 A2 A3 … B1 B2 B3 …), the “CAT Number” and “pressing plant” selected. Here are the different ways to pay your mastering: Paypal: Bank Transfer


Phone + 33 9 51 46 86 70 Mobile +33 6 61 62 86 26 (for emergencies only)

Studio Address: 4-6 rue des cités 93300 Aubervilliers GOOGLE MAPS

Metro: Porte de la Villette and Quatre chemins Tramway: Line T3b stop Porte de la Villette

Billing address: Mathieu Berthet Mastering 9 passage de Crimée 75019 Paris Siret: 51306822100011 APE code: 5920Z Intra VAT: FR 42513068221

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